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The story of İbrahim Etem Ulagay İlaç Sanayii Türk A.Ş., which started in a small laboratory a hundred ago, tells us how the Turkish Pharmaceutical Market industrialized.

İbrahim Etem Ulagay İlaç Sanayi was founded in 1903 as a small medical analysis laboratory. In the beginning medical, chemical and food analysis were conducted in this laboratory located at Gedikpaşa under the name of “Chemist Doctor İbrahim Etem Laboratory”. In 1909 it became a pharmaceutical manufacturer company with the first vitamins and hormon preparates in Turkey. Then it continued as an innovative company, introducing new scientific methodology and products to the pharmaceutical sector.

1924, the name of the laboratory was changed to “Doctor İbrahim Etem Chemistry House” and the production site moved to Çemberlitaş

1934, tablets, ampules, syrup and some veterinary medicine were mass produced in the laboratory at Çemberlitaş.

1948, A biological control laboratory was established as a new methodological approach into the company. New studies were performed according to the principle "control is essential in production".

As an outcome of the studies by new methodology, the company achieved the stabilization and depyrogenisation of calcium solvent for the first time in Turkey in 1950.

1955, IE Ulagay became the first local company to produce antibiotics in the factory built in Topkapı with know-how transferred from the U.S.A.

2001, The majority of the IE Ulagay shares have been purchased by the Menarini Group which is the first Italian pharmaceutical company and one of the most prominent pharmaceutical group worldwide.

IE Ulagay-Menarini Group, is one of the most important pharmaceutical manufacturers in Turkey, with its high-technology production site and highly qualified personnel.

The production site of IE Ulagay-Menarini Group is located in Topkapi, Istanbul, covering an area of 20,000 sqm, and a production capacity of over 100 million units a year. The factory in Istanbul produces a wide range of products both for the domestic market and the Middle East area countries. All pharmaceutical forms are produced here inline with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and GLP (Good Laboratory Practices), oral solids and oral liquids, topical forms (both gels and creams), sterile ampoules.


In order to guarantee the quality standards of the manufacturing cycle and, consequently, the quality of its drugs, besides Quality Control and Quality Assurance, which are the functions traditionally involved, IE Ulagay-Menarini Group has involved in the quality process also the company structures that support production, such as Engineering and Planning, and obviously all the staff of the plants.

Production staff are the first to be involved in Quality, since they are made aware that their role is fundamental to reach the goals IE Ulagay-Menarini Group wants to achieve.

That’s why we can say that for IE Ulagay-Menarini Group, quality is not an abstract concept, but an essential part of the manufacturing context, which allows all the company functions to aim at the client total satisfaction.


Raw materials and packaging materials used in the manufacturing cycle of the drugs of IE Ulagay-Menarini Group sare purchased exclusively from qualified suppliers with a certified quality system in line with the stringent requirements imposed by the Group.

Raw materials and packaging materials undergo accurate laboratory analyses in order to guarantee their compliance with the required characteristics, and only after such analyses they can be employed for manufacturing.

Detailed controls continue during all the manufacturing cycle (in-process controls), in order to monitor the critical parameters. At the end of the process, the tests are repeated on the finished product before it is introduced in the distribution chain: these continuous controls guarantee that the drug is both efficient and safe for the final customers.


Besides the sophisticated production and control technologies, it is vitally important for the quality of a drug that the operators involved at all levels in its manufacturing cycle are aware of their responsibilities and of the correct operational procedures. In order to meet these requirements, each operator frequently attends training courses organized by the function of Quality Assurance. Moreover, the correct application of the procedures guarantees the safety of the operator.


IE Ulagay-Menarini Group has always focused on environmental protection issues: the facilities of the company do not discharge any pollutants in the environment and the air and water used in the manufacturing processes are treated with sophisticated purifying systems before being discharged into the environment.


Brief Description of the Company

Drogsan Pharmaceuticals was established in 1975 in Ankara as member of a family group which has been active in the pharmaceutical industry for 50 years. Drogsan is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Turkey. With its own in-house R&D, production, warehousing, distribution, sales/marketing and export facilities, Drogsan serves the world pharmaceutical industry with the goal of a healthier future. With its vision of being a research based international pharmaceutical company the mission of Drogsan is to provide healthcare professionals with innovative quality solutions prioritizing human health.

Production Area
5,000 sqm closed area on 16,500 sqm total land

Annual Production Capacity
Solid Products: 5.8 million packs
Liquid Products: 5.5 million packs
Spray Products: 3.5 million packs

GMP Certificates
Turkey, Germany, GCC, Jordan, Ethiopia, Nigeria

Other Certificates
ISO 9001

Number of Employees



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Brief Description of the Company

Since 1964, NOBEL is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Turkey, with successful marketing and sales strategies, supported by a vertical integration of developing and manufacturing pharmaceuticals. NOBEL is backed up by the two major manufacturing companies of the group including ULKAR KİMYA and NOBELFARMA. ULKAR KİMYA is dedicated to active pharmaceutical ingredients and controlled release micro pellets, whereas NOBELFARMA is active in pharmaceutical finished dosage forms. NOBEL’s dynamism and flexibility enable NOBEL to set-up new strategies in accordance with the fast changing market conditions in Turkey and the developing markets including Central Asia, Eastern Europe and the CIS.

The products manufactured and marketed within the group cover the following therapeutic areas:

Analgesics-antipyretics, anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatics,  anti-infectives,  anti-allergics, cardiovascular system products,  cold and cough products,  gastrointestinal system products, genitourinary products,  oncology products, psychotherapeutics, respiratory system products

The company’s product range also comprises vitamins and minerals, dermo-cosmetics,  dietary supplements, sterile, unit-dose saline solution for nasal and ophthalmic use

NOBEL is also active in the field of biotechnological and biosimilar products, by co-development and in-licensing.



Production Area
63,000 sqm closed area



Annual Production Capacity
Solid Products:  102 million packs
Semi-solid Products: 3 million packs
Liquid Products:  16 million packs
Injectable Products: 15 million packs



GMP Certificates
Turkey, Germany, Ukraine, Bulgaria



Other Certificates
ISO-9001:2008, ISO-14001:2004 by the TÜV CERT 



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